Here’s The Buzz

Q.How do I place an order with Bee Lavish?

A: Send us your Wishlist or send an email to buzz@beelavish.com. Please include; a name for your order, date of your event, venue name, if you would like delivery or will-call. After we send a quote we will keep the order in our system for 5 days. After this time period the quote then expires from our system, unless we receive your deposit payment.

Q: Does Bee Lavish have a minimum order requirement?

A: Bee Lavish Vintage has a minimum order requirement for will-call orders of $295. We think you’ll find a LOT of gorgeous things to choose from! Our delivery orders require a $595 minimum product order. ( This is not including delivery and set up cost).

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: We require a 50% deposit to reserve your items. The remaining 50% is due 14 business days before your event. Your items are not reserved until we receive your deposit.

Do you allow items to be picked up?

A: We do allow items to be picked up on a case by case basis. Some of our items are large, fragile and need to be set up by our delivery team. If you do pick items up we ask that you pick up in a covered vehicle with appropriate straps and blankets.

Q: When can I pick up my order? Am I able to pick items up myself if I rent a box truck or own a pick up?

A: We allow will-call orders to be picked up Monday-Saturday between the hours of 11AM-3PM. We ask that you let us know the EXACT TIME you will be picking up a week prior to your event. If your items need to be returned outside of normal hours you will incur a $50 late fee. We do allow most of our items to be picked up, but in some cases the items are much too large or fragile and need a Bee Lavish team member to assemble.

Q: What is your delivery fee based on?

A: Our delivery fee is calculated on a case by case basis, but begins at $225. Thereafter the fee depends on how far your venue is, amount of items you have booked and how many staff members we will need to set your items up. The delivery fee includes driving the items to the venue, setting the large items as well as picking up that night. If you need help placing your small / table top items we can be hired to do so for an extra set up fee. Note* A schematic must be provided for items to be placed. Our delivery crew members are not stylists and will not be responsible solely for placement and tweaking of items.

Q: Can I edit my order if it has already been booked?

A: You are able to edit your order and exchange items up to 10 days before your event date. NOTE* The order must stay within your original contract amount. As long as its available it’s yours!

Q: What if I damage my rentals?

A: We want you and your guests to enjoy your items, but sometimes accidents happen. We will ask that you pay for any repairs or cleaning costs (per our contract). If an item becomes unrentable, we require you to reimburse Bee Lavish at 3 to 5 times the rental cost.